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Since as long as one can remember the human civilisation being in place, there has always been a focus on gathering and owning assets. But deep down, along with this inclination of ownership, there resides the fear of losing it to burglars, thieves or sociopaths with malicious intentions. This is why we have always been interested in security means such as locks, to provide us with that sense of security, that our assets and valuables are safe. Not far from this investment, is the need for keeping it in the right shape at times, and this is where lock smiths come on to hold an important place in the society.

In fact over the years, lock smiths have made huge businesses out of their skills. In area alone, the number of lock smith service providing firms has quadrupled in the past ten years of us being in the industry. However, the point of dismay is that with numbers growing, the level of service excellent hasn’t grown. The result is that it has been only a handful of elite service providing firms such as Martin Park MI Locksmith Store, which have lasted the years.

Martin Park MI Locksmith Store – Our journey

Martin Park MI Locksmith Store Martin Park, MI 313-924-1691We would be tempted to be diplomatic and say that these past ten years have just come and gone. However the fact is that the going wasn’t easy, with the number of burglaries and thefts ever increasing in Martin Park. Starting rather humbly, we were just a small group of lock smiths, with an intention to grow by serving as many customers we could. But we soon had to pump up our ammo, as we saw a huge volume of requests from customers with all sorts of problems. There were broken locks, automobile lockouts, master key security system installations, rekeying and what not that we had to master, to be up to the challenge.

Distinctive Feature of ourservices

The below are the reasons we feel, we have come on to be worthy of the tag of being the best lock smiths in area.

  • A high availability, spanning 24X7, 365 days
  • Scalability of service
  • An innate focus towards customer satisfaction
  • A proactive approach to handling lock smith issues
  • The skill at the trade, and a constant desire to upgrade and practically test it

Being the one true quality lock smiths firm in Martin Park, Martin Park MI Locksmith Store, would be happy to take you through our service offerings. We are just a call away from you, at 313-924-1691.